Software driving the   energy transition

inBalance optimizes grid-scale storage and renewable energy assets in real time


We build the software solutions to empower green energy assets

Decarbonization depends on hard and soft clean energy assets working in combination. Hard assets like solar facilities and grid-scale storage rely on software to guide their market decision-making.


At inBalance, we use state-of-the-art machine learning to turn terabytes of public and proprietary data into the most accurate electricity price forecasts on the market.




Risk and price forecasts for the day-ahead and realtime markets


Utility-scale Storage

Sophisticated operational plans shape the value of storage assets.


Optimal market operations—not marginal reductions in development costs—are the true drivers of return on storage investment. 


inBalance supports IPPs, integrators, and storage OEMs by delivering optimized dispatch bids and charging plans across all revenue streams, updated in real time.


Asset Management

Energy asset portfolio management requires risk and revenue management.


inBalance supports distributed energy resources, virtual power plants, hydro facilities, and demand response programs in optimizing operational plans across multiple next-day revenue streams while protecting against portfolio-wide volatility exposure.


Electric Vehicles

Charging efficiency drives the fuel economy of electric vehicles.

inBalance supports EV OEMs, fleet managers, and owners in minimizing charging cost by optimizing charging operations at scale.



Industry leading experience.

Our team of data analysts, statisticians, and computer scientists has experience with the world's leading technology, finance, and energy firms.


Together, our team and our board bring decades of experience in power market innovation and leadership.



We're proud to have the confidence of world leaders in clean energy.